14 - Memento Mori - ClickMasters Competition

ClickMasters Competition

Participate in ClickMasters Photography Awards 2024

One credit equals one photo uploaded to a single category.
To participate with three photos in three different categories, you have to purchase three credits.

Purchase Credits

Get Credits

Please choose the number of photos you wish to upload to the contest and purchase the corresponding number of credits.

With 15 categories available, you can enter up to 10 photos in each category. The maximum number of photos submitted per photographer is 75.

Upload Photos

After purchasing credits, you'll receive a confirmation email containing a link to upload photos, with the number of uploads restricted by the credits you have bought.

Should you want to upload additional photos, just buy more credits and access a new upload link.


Once you upload your photos, you will receive a confirmation email confirming the submission of your photos to the relevant categories.

The final contest results will be announced on June 21st, 2024.

Be sure to read the Rules for information regarding image format, size and naming details.

Image Submission Specs
● Image Size should have a long dimension of at least 4000 pixels
● Save your files as JPG with maximum quality
● File name should be as follows: 
● ● Category number - Image title 
● ● For example: 03 - Hollaway Girl 
● Do not add your personal name to the submission file name. This is to ensure fair judging
● NO Watermarks, signatures, logos, or other identifying marks are allowed anywhere on the image or in the file name. This is to ensure fair judging
● When registering on SlickPic (in order to upload your submission(s)), be sure to use your first and last name so that we can correctly match your image with your identity in case you win!

14 - Memento Mori - ClickMasters Competition