Rules - ClickMasters Competition

ClickMasters Competition ClickMasters Competition


1. Every element of an image must have been created by the author (no AI or CGI ) except Digital Artistry.

2. Any retouch or digital compositing to also have been carried out by the author (no external or ai editing elements allowed-
content aware fill is allowed as it utilises existing pixels in the image, no generative fill as that is AI created). Digital Artistry is exempt from this rule.

3. Any image submitted may be used by Click Live and Click Masters in future for promotional items relevant to the show. In printed, advertising or digital media. Any image submitted in the Click Backdrops Category may be used by Click Backdrops in printed, advertising or digital media. 

4. Click Masters reserve the right to move any image into another category if more suitable. 

5. Any prizes obtained are not transferable and no alternatives will be given. 

6. No digital elements not photographed by the author may be used (includes stock images, textures, ai or similar.) Digital
artistry is exempt as outside elements may be used. 

7. Wedding day and Documentary MUST have been taken on the day of the actual wedding documents signing. 

8. Authors are limited to submitting a maximum of 10 images per category.

9. None of the appointed judges for Click Masters may enter the competition, this also applies to any educator educating at Click Live in the current year. 

10. Initial judging will be carried out online using digital submission. Upon completion all images scoring to merit standard will be asked to submit mounted prints (16 x 20 inches with print minimum of 10 inches along longest side). These will then be judged live at Click Live to produce overall winners in each category. 

11. The individual winners will be judged under closed conditions by the judging team to produce the overall winner from them. The judging process will be carried out by a team of judges who will judge the image anonymously, and any image they feel they cannot judge fairly they will remove themselves to ensure maximum integrity of the competition. All judges have been selected from qualified judges of the BIPP and the Guild of Professional Photographers. The judges’ decisions are final.

12. Click Masters reserve the right to remove any image from the competition that is obscene, racist, discriminatory, sexually explicit or content which is otherwise Inappropriate. 

13. Closing date for digital submissions is 27th May so start planning your entries now.

Image Submission Specs

● Image Size should have a long dimension of at least 4000 pixels
● Save your files as JPG with maximum quality
● File name should be as follows: 
● ● Category number - Image title 
● ● For example: 03 - Hollaway Girl 
● Do not add your personal name to the submission file name. This is to ensure fair judging
● NO Watermarks, signatures, logos, or other identifying marks are allowed anywhere on the image or in the file name. This is to ensure fair judging
● When registering on SlickPic (in order to upload your submission(s)), be sure to use your first and last name so that we can correctly match your image with your identity in case you win!

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